Libbe Leah and her dear friend   Bao Su  relaxing in the beautiful Key West.  Bao has designed   website and revamped "A Piece of Heaven" online store.

Libbe Leah and her dear friend  Bao Su relaxing in the beautiful Key West.  Bao has designed  website and revamped "A Piece of Heaven" online store.


Libbe L. Siskind is a successful business owner in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  Writing has always been a hobby of hers since her days in foster care, when she started her first journal.  She enjoys writing during down time, allowing her to always keep busy.  Always one to keep occupied, she also enjoys gardening, antique collecting, and has a great passion for real estate, especially old homes which she reinvigorates with her knowledge of restoration, and eye for decor.

Libbe has done public speaking, at such places as Mass Mental Health Services and JFK Presidential Library, in Boston area, at a seminar for doctors and nurses about death and dying.

Extremely imaginative,  Libbe has a multisided flamboyant personality that has developed over the years from a life that will unfold in the pages of coming books.

Leah Libbe always carried pens and a journal with her as a child, and now as an author working full-time at her craft, She has written, memoirs, children's books, and novels.  All which can be bought on create space, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Libbe lives in Boston, where she was born and raised.

Now full partner of A Piece of Heaven, Bao Su.  For several years I contemplated whether or not to get into the sport of competing.  It was one of those things on my bucket list.  Months would go by, next thing you know, years gone by with fear and excuses.  It was on october 1, 2017 that I decided to put my heart, soul, and being into this.  I gave up some things in order to have tunnel vision and focus.  Making sure I held myself accountable for what I ate to ever rep I did in the gym.  So far this has been one of the best decisions I have made.  I cannot stress enough how mindset among other factors is the key to all of your success.  The process is grueling and ugly but the outcome is beautiful.  There's no magic pill or secret sauce.  you have to be mentally invested and willing to put in hard work.  No one can want it more that your own self.  Know that you can do it, have faith, believe in yourself, and most importantly, "trust the process".